About Hiatt

Based on a heritage of quality more than two centuries old, Hiatt® by Monadnock® now offers the finest, most durable metal restraints available anywhere in the world.

Unique security features provide an extra measure of confidence in a comprehensive lineup of handcuffs, other restraints and Hiatt products.

Chain Style Handcuffs

Hiatt’s line of chain style handcuffs set the standard for strength and reliability. Crafted from heavy duty carbon steel, they have reinforced steel swivels that make them a rugged tool for law enforcement professionals.

Hinge Style Handcuffs

Slip your hands around the grip of the hinged handcuffs and feel the control. In addition to all the features that come as standard with Hiatt Handcuffs, the hinged models are made using three solid links to connect the cuffs as opposed to the roller chain used on chain style cuffs. The hinged models provide greater subject control and feel more comfortable in your hand.

Specialty Hinged Handcuffs

Whether you are transporting inmates between institutions, to a court date or just need a higher level of security, Hiatt offers a line of hinged handcuffs that are unparalleled in strength, quality, control and security.

Between the Rigid Non Folding Handcuff, Ultimate Hinged Handcuff and the Maximum Security Handcuff with it’s 7-pin tumbler double locking system, Hiatt’s line of specialty hinged handcuffs are able to provide the security you require.

Colour-Coded Restraints

Made with a durable premium finish, Hiatt’s line of colour-coded handcuffs can be used to classify threat levels, ages, agency, medical conditions and other factors as required.

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